How to Connect VOCOM2 Mini via WiFi

How to Connect VOCOM2 Mini via WiFi

Volvo Vocom II Genuine Adapter Description:

  1. Original VOCOM II Mini 88894200 WiFi Volvo truck diagnostic tool, made in German
  2. Support OBD2, 9-Pin, 6-Pin, FCI, MEFI, BNA, OBD2, 9-Pin, work on Volvo/Renault UD/Mack trucks from the year 2002
  3. Vehicle communication protocols: ISO 11898, ISO 15765-2, SAE J1939, SAE J1708
  4. Support Volvo/Renault UD/Mack trucks made since the year 2002
  5. Connect laptop by WiFi, no need for cables

How to Connect VOCOM2 Mini via WiFi

Power on the vocom2 dongle and the lights will be flashing. Find the WIFI signal Vocom2D_******* from the laptop.

Click connect

Input °∞v2d+ SN num°±, the SN number is 7 digits which you can find on the back of the VOCOM2 dongle.

Wifi is set up successfully, then you can go to diagnose your car.

Go to settings to select VOCOM II

Create chassis ID with 1

Enter work order number 23 and click Start Work

Login in with your User ID, just click °ÆOK°Ø

Select electrical system and model, ok

Diagnose the DTCs successfully