How to fix Volvo Vocom vehicle connection error

How to fix the Volvo Vocom vehicle connection error

I am having trouble connecting to the Vehicle with the Vocom. How can I test the Vocom (88890300)? This instruction shows you basic steps on how to solve Volvo Vocom vehicle connection errors.


Error Code / Description: Communication issues with the Vocom adapter (88800300) unit. Note that the Help menu in Tech Tool contains details on the Vocom functionality.

Steps to resolve:

1. Check that all the LEDs flash briefly when powering up the unit.

2. The top LED (PC) is green. When connected to the PC and Tech Tool is running, this light should flash intermittently when communicating.

3. The second LED (vehicle) should be green when connected to the vehicle. Note that this is to the vehicle battery. Ensure that the Ignition key is ON for communication.

  • If the °∞Power USB/Communication°±-LED does not light up,
  • Try another USB-port
  • Check if Windows performs °∞Installing device driver software°±
  • Check the USB cable and try a different cable, or try another PC
  • Still no function? If under warranty (24 months), return the unit.

4. When connected only to the vehicle: The unit should flash the LEDs, and then light the °∞Power Vehicle°±-LED.

  • If nothing lights up at all, Try replacing the vehicle cable,
  • Check that ignition is on or try another vehicle.
  • If the °∞Critical Error°±-LED is lit, try to update the software
  • Still no function? If under warranty (24 months), return the Vocom unit.
  • Dealer can file a Parts warranty claim for the Vocom.
  • Customers must go to an authorized dealer for a warranty.