How to configure a VOCOM to WLAN wireless mode using an access point

How to configure a VOCOM to WLAN wireless mode using an access point

This article shows a guide on how to configure a VOCOM to WLAN wireless mode using an access point.

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Step 1: Connect the VOCOM unit/cables to the PC and a Vehicle (key off).

Step 2: Click the °∞Settings°± button.

Step 3: In the Settings menu click the °∞Configuration°± button. The Configuration window will open. Select WLAN.

Step 4: To identify the configured communication unit. Enter a name of your choice and select OK. (ex. Garys_Adapter or VCforJA) NOTE: If you have more than one VOCOM, each will require a separate configuration and name

If the connected device was already configured, a confirmation message will pop up asking if you want to load the configuration or set up a new configuration.

Step 5: Make a selection here for your configuration.

Step 6: Under Connection Type choose °∞Access Point°±. To complete the configuration, the IT person will be required to enter the data. This is the data required for the VOCOM to connect to the Wireless Router.

Step 7: Click °∞Save°± to complete the configuration setup. NOTE: In the drop-down, there are 3 different Security Levels to choose from.

Example: This is an example of a completed configuration for the wireless router that we used. Your configuration will need to be set according to your location°Øs router. NOTE: The example used a different Security Level. Your configuration will vary depending on your network environment.

Step 8: Select the newly configured VOCOM WLAN (mode) Communication Unit. Click the °∞Activate°± button and then °∞OK°± to close the °∞Settings°± window.


Step 9: Unplug The USB cable and the VOCOM will be in WLAN mode. NOTE: On the Product page you can see the VOCOM is now connected with the (WLAN). When the USB cable is plugged into the PC, the VOCOM will revert to USB mode.