Free Download 2022 Volvo PTT Tech Tool 2.8.150 Software

Free Download 2022 Volvo PTT Tech Tool 2.8.150 Software

What is Tech Tool?

Tech Tool is a tool that supports the repair and diagnostic process, developed to make the work in the workshops easier and more efficient. Tech Tool can be used online or offline (i.e. connected to central systems or not) in the workshop, out in the field, at the roadside, or during test drives.
Tech Tool is an application for diagnostics with the possibility to use plug-ins to cover the whole repair process. With Tech Tool you can diagnose, test, calibrate and program a product. A product could be a vehicle, engine, or machine.

Volvo Premium Tech Tool Software Include:

  1. Volvo Tech Tool
  2. Dev2tool
  3. Developer tool Plus(Acpi+ 2022.07) (for programming parameters version 3 and 4 ®C newer trucks)

Volvo Premium Tech Tool Software Download:

  1. Browse this link to download PPT 2.03 all files:
  2. Volvo Premium Tech Tool Software 2.8.150

2022 Volvo Premium Tech Tool 2.8.150 With Developer Tool 07.2022 ACPI ( 1 PC )

2022 Premium Tech Tool 2.8.150 (PTT VCADS) (REAL Development) for Volvo with developer tool
Premium Tech Tool (Volvo PTT) Diagnostics software Designed for diagnosis and programming of Volvo Trucks, Volvo buses, Volvo Construction Equipment, and New Models of Mack, Renault, and Nissan UD trucks.

Volvo Premium Tech Tool v 2.8.150 (replaces v2.7.116) is the OEM software. It°Øs part of the dealer diagnostic kit. Premium Tech Tool allows performing all the tests the dealerships can. Such as fault code checks, DPF regen, Injector Cut-out tests, and much more. Works for both Volvo and Mack trucks.


  1. The 2.8 version Only work with the original nexiq, Vocom 2, and Vocom 1. (for another interface please use the 2.7 version)
  2. Premium Tech Tool 2.8.150 work on Window 7/8/10 (32bit & 64bit)
  3. Devtool work on Windows 7/8/10 (only 64bit)
  4. Multi-languages, more than 25 languages
  5. update online

Developer Tools Featured options:

  • Chassis ID Change.
  • Immobilizer ON/OFF.
  • Injector programming.
  • Speed Limit programming.
  • EUR6 trucks supported.

Volvo PTT PC Installation Requirements:(Recommend)

  • Computer/Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD FX 8 Core Series
  • Memory (RAM):6 GB, more memory improves performance
  • Hard Disk:120 GB SSD(Solid State Drive) of free hard Hard disk
  • Optical Drive: DVD x8 drive
  • Display: XGA(1024°¡768 pixels) or higher resolution monitor with 32-bit color settings
  • Input device: Keyboard and mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Internet connection: Network using 10 Mbps or higher speed network adapter and/or WLAN
    Miscellaneous: USB interface required
  • A battery pack that may provide 500 mA via USB

Premium Tech Tool (PTT) supports the following brands/models:

  • Volvo Trucks Older electrical system
  • Volvo Trucks Vehicle electronics °Ø98
  • Volvo Trucks VERSION2
  • Volvo Trucks VERSION3
  • Volvo Trucks VERSION4


  • Volvo Buses Conventional
  • Volvo Buses Multiplexed
  • Volvo Buses Multiplexed version 2
  • Volvo Buses Multiplexed versions
  • Volvo Penta


Volvo Construction Equipment

  • Mack V-MAC I/II/III, ITC
  • Mack V-MAC IV
  • Mack VMAC IV+


  • Renault Version2 ACCESS
  • Renault Version2 CAESAR
  • Renault Version2 COMPRT
  • Renault Version2 EXTRT
  • Renault Version2 HYBRYS
  • Renault Version2 KERAX
  • Renault Version2 KERAXMIL
  • Renault Version2 MAGNUM
  • Renault Version2 MIDLUM
  • Renault Version2 PREMIUM
  • Renault Version2 SHERPAL
  • Renault Version2 SHERPAM
  • Renault Version2 VAB
  • Renault Version2 VBCI
  • Renault Version2 VLRA


  • UD Trucks Version2 UD-HD
  • UD Trucks Version2 UD-MD

Volvo Premium Tech Tool Software Display: