How to Help PPN Porsche Online? 3 Ways

Expert PPN Porsche

OEM Way dealer based PPN Porsche remote support include VCI and PIWIS System, support Porsche full series diagnosis coding programming.

Starting at $150 / per time

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Master Port Forward

Users with multiple copies of PIWIS or older versions that don’t support PPN and special coding or programming needed.

  • Smooth network speed
  • Original PT3G or PT3G E VCI v2 is required.
  • Normal Windows Laptop
  • Part of Porsche coding support

Starting at $150 / per time

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Beginner SmartLink C

For car owners or users with cloned PT3G VCI or aftermarket 3rd party interface, no PIWIS system, nor old duplicated PIWIS software.

  • Smooth network speed
  • Launch SmartLink C
  • Limited Porsche coding support
  • Low demands

Starting at $150 / per time

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Porsche PPN FAQs

Yes, we can but 1st please ensure you can have the administrator level to import license PPN official.
For more details please refer to our blog “how to import PPN license for Porsche PIWIS 3“.

Yes we can apply IPAS codes to program new key(all keys lost) if you have:

  • Porsche key ordered as per VIN from official dealer. (No aftermarket Keys)
  • Your PIWIS 3 system support PPN programming.

Definitely Not. Maybe for diagnose is OK for you but for Porsche PPN Programming, we support OEM original PT3G VCI only.

No, we never resell official PPN access for Porsche.

We charge PPN login per time with our Porsche expertise support online.
We support Porsche’s full series on pinpoint diagnostic, coding, programming remotely.
The cost will be various depends on the jobs to be done, cost around 150USD – 350USD/time support.

We serve 7 days a week for PPN online support.
Mon-Sat 9am – 23pm (HK Time Zone)
Sun 10 am – 10 pm (Advanced Booking Only for our partners). 

Nope, we only support Porsche OEM tools for security reasons.
please refer to Porsche PIWIS 3 OEM tool for more details.

Sorry, we won’t recommend to work with cloned tools with PPN online programming jobs.